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Imperial Colonialism

These videos will give you a good morning listen to understand more about colonisation and how it made its way throughout the world, including China; video below.

The White Stone Canoe Peace Project has taken decolonization transcontinental. When COVID19 is up there will be a route taken as the Expedition Truth Decolonisation Path. From the Americas to the UK, Africa, India, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. The time is literally now.

Help the White Stone Canoe Peace Project decolonization and educational efforts set course by emailing stories from elders or donation directly - the outcome will result in many different opportunities for people of all ages within and beyond Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. E-transfer: or to sponsor the Credible Wampum educational public stream

~Uniting the world in peace and knowledge #ExpeditionTruth #RebuildingSociety #TheCredibleMohawk #CredibleWampum #WhiteStoneCanoePeaceProject #MMIW #MMIWG #Decolonize #ClanSystems

All featured video and blogs head to All Facebook Live content can be found in the 'Live' tab on this page Trip to the Highlands post-pandemic somehow! #FreeScotland

Remember also, China is a victim of colonisation.

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