Allies of Onkwehonwe Unity Circle

Who We Are

Allies of Onkwehonwe are a Unity Circle of seven settler allies. We all come from different walks of life but have the same focus and goal in mind - help Onkwehonwe across Turtle Island. As a Unified Circle of five women and two men, we centre our focus on Indigenous issues while remaining true to our membership mandate and guidelines to uphold our integrity and credibility as allies towards Onkwehonwe and each other.

Living in or around the area of Caledonia we, like everyone in Canada, have all witnessed constant encroachment into treaty protected areas though live encounters or the news. We've all seen fishing boats set ablaze on east and west coasts, seafood processing plants go up in smoke, pipelines and logging destroy hunting grounds or protected land, toxic waste dumped into lakes and rivers, theft of resources, death threats, constant government and police instigation and escalation. We all felt the same way towards these crimes against humanity and decided to stand up. We dedicate most if not all of our free time into our initiatives to help.

As allies we strive to be aware of the overt and covert racist system we were raised in. We are continually working hard toward educating ourselves and others on the dangers and differences if these two forms of racism. We hope to make ourselves wiser and open others' eyes to the wrongs of such a system through education; that is this has led us.

We honour The Two Row Wampum and stand in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters. We will always continually move forward together and working closely with Indigenous communities to help eliminate the constant oppression and racism imposed on all Onkwehonwe.

Letter Campaign

If Justin Trudeau won’t come to us, we go to him. The Haundenosaunee have been waiting 162 days at Land Back Lane. The Tiny House Warriors have been fighting for years. The Mi’kmaq are in physical danger and their lives are being assaulted every day. The moose are being allowed to be hunted close to extinction by settlers. Saskatchewan has seen unarmed indigenous youth, men, women and elders assaulted by the RCMP and in some cases killed! Colton Boushie’s murder went free. This list goes on...

Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have remained SILENT. The originators of Truth and Reconciliation have not made a single move towards Nation to Nation negotiations.

It’s time to have your voice heard. A party of Indigenous and allies will be heading to Ottawa to physically take your written word there. We are asking people to write a letter about how you feel in regards to these injustices.

Email by January 26 2021 to:

We will print and seal your letter without vetting it and plan to drop them all at the steps of parliament hill. There our Indigenous friends will dance and sing while allies bare witness and hold signs of support until the letters are taken inside.

Please like and follow our Facebook page, Allies of Onkwehonwe, our Instagram page @alliesofonkwehonwe and if you have any questions, suggestions concerns or comment please feel free to email us at

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