Calling For Mayor Fred Eisenburger to Resign

Over the course of six months, the podcast Red Truth and White Lies has grown incredibly and our message is reaching the ears and eyes of people all over the world. Many are recognising this, such as Mayor Kevin Davis of Brantford, Ontario who, after much needed time with family, made it a priority to speak with Credible Mohawk Entertainment in an interview. Although the politics of CME and the colonial municipality government do not see eye to eye, all were able to put differences aside in order for democratic discord to continue.

Mayor Davis was open about the need for Justice Minister David Lametti to turn over the records from the Catholic Church regarding the Canadian Residential Schools. Davis, a lawyer by profession, said in an exclusive interview that "in order for there to be a true investigation, the files need to be turned over" while answering a question regarding the statement from Hamilton Centre NDP MP Matthew Green who marched with Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, NDP MP, Nunavut calling for a release of said records.

While there has been some process as per usual with communications between the CME Studios and Government agencies, all have been extremely accommodating to a new Indigenous Media company. Both the Federal and Provincial NDP have been open and enthusiastic to share their messages, the Federal Green party may even make an appearance on the show in the near future; this shows transparency where the Liberal party refuses to comment or reply to emails or calls.

Transparency and accountability are something the powers that be run from by using silence, it speaks volumes and sometimes it can be deafening. So deafening it can open up a new reality to those who have never seen it before, from a new perspective that will make them rethink their entire existence on the back of this Turtle. When the statue of the sadistic colonizer John A. MacDonald was removed, it was torn down by allies who heard the voices that had been silenced and censored from telling the truth about the Canadian occupying colony for centuries. The Mayor wants this statue back up, and is not actively avoiding answering to his advocating for genocide through the desire to repair and erect the statue again.

Even after the rally, the organisers were targeted just because they were Onkwehonwe, and we will be speaking with them in an episode coming soon. After time for everything to settle, CME Settler Ally Corespondent Nick LaMarsh was tasked with setting an interview date with Mayor Fred Eisenburger of Hamilton. We had the gut feeling that he wouldn't want to speak to Indigenous media, especially when being so vocal about genocidal MacDonald and his fan-boy idolisation of his policies.

Mayor Fred Eisenburger

Regardless of the consistent damage and harm they inflict not only on Onkwehonwe, when we reach out we are always respectful and professional. This is how you get answers, you don't give them the "angry Indian" that author Thomas King refers to. Give them the healed Onkwehonwe looking for truth and accountability and a rebirth of culture, regeneration of language, a resurgence of sovereignty and liberation, all with some Land Back. This is when they start to listen; experience, education in both worlds gives you the tools you need to dismantle their system and they know it.

After much difficulty getting through with the Hamilton Mayor's office, we finally recieved a response and replied with the following:

Good afternoon Kobe, thank you for your very quick response.

The conversation would touch on:

• The records of the residential school systems and the Mayor's thoughts about them not being released by Justice Minister David Lametti.

•The city's plans for building relationships between Indigenous peoples and their allies; and if there is time left,

•Will the Mayor and city council members listen to voters and Indigenous peoples regarding the John A. MacDonald statue being repaired and confirm if rumors are true that it will be returned to Gore Park.

We understand these topics are very sensitive, controversial and may bring up feelings of resentment. However, using good minds we must use logic and put feelings aside so we can all move forward peacefully and respect each other under the treaties and The Great Law of Peace.


Nick LaMarsh

Settler Ally Correspondent

Credible Mohawk Entertainment


Hi Nick,

It’s Gemma reaching out, Kobe left a note for follow-up. I wanted to confirm I received your last email and have summarized the ask below. If you could take a quick read and confirm I’ve captured everything I will look at the Mayor’s availability.

Interview via Zoom

Date and time – please let me know the a date/time you are requesting.

Nick to confirm: Friday, August 27th at 11am: is this your deadline to confirm participation or your deadline to have the interview completed by?

Who will be interviewing the Mayor? Please share the name of the anchor / reporter.

Interview will be recorded, can you clarify if this will accompany a written piece or if the intention is to use the video for broadcast purposes?

More information on the use for the video recording:

Will it be broadcasted on TV?

Will there be any edits (i.e. intro / outro)? If so, may we see the final versions?

Will the interview be posted on a news website once it has aired? If so, can you please share the link to where it will be posted.

Thanks in advance.


Gemma Spadafora (she/her)

Communications and Media Relations Advisor

Office of Mayor Fred Eisenberger

City of Hamilton

(D) 905-546-4225

(O) 905-546-4200

This is where I needed to step in as Executive Producer and CEO of Credible Mohawk Entertainment, because I offer an understanding of how to speak to these politicians from an Indigenous point of view: learn how to use their tools against them. First, before media was language and law. I have been able to hold my own in court and have had the Tyendinaga Police Department reprimanded, I am not a stranger to the courtroom but I haven't seen a loss yet. This is because I honour the treaties, know when to choose my battles, and know when you do not back down. This has always been, the need to educate which is reflected in my decade of teaching and travelling. There was no way they were letting their political jargon sidestep an interview with a registered news media business. My response is as follows:

Good morning Gemma,

My name is Andrew Brant, Executive Producer and CEO. We are a registered news media and entertainment company with the province of Ontario, broadcasting from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and operating under the Great Law and Two Row Wampum to encourage Nation to Nation dialogue. Our reach is 1 million people from 19 different countries.

This far politicians from the municipal to federal level have been willing to speak with us, as we are a grassroots Indigenous media company. It will be recorded over zoom; I am looking at this Monday at 9:00am for an interview which I will be conducting.

We strive to be more Credible than Mainstream Media, and don't cut out what people have to say. Essentially the only editing is dead air (unless to convey a point) or glitches.

We treat everyone equally with respect, so of course you can see the final edit. The video will be streamed on YouTube at Credible Mohawk Entertainment and on our homepage.

While I am well aware that the Mayor doesn't make it a habit to speak with Indigenous Media, I'm sure it will only improve his chances of reelection if he starts making the shift to speak with the original people of the land as well.

Mayor Kevin Davis of Brantford was willing to speak with us, we have federal candidates, land defenders, activists, etc. If a path of reconciliation is truly something Mr. Eisenburger wants this should be considered a small step.

Thank you for keeping in contact with our Settler Ally Correspondent Nick LaMarsh, I look forward to your response. Also, I would like to know if you question all media outlets in such a manor? Indigenous media is still media and is not to be handled any different than big corporate news media stations.

I'm sure it will be a great interview, as the Mayor has nothing to hide or be ashamed of, other than his lack of participation in giving all people equal opportunity.


Sha'tekayenton Andrew Brant

Founder/Executive Producer:

Credible Mohawk Entertainment

After this email was sent, the same morning the Mayor's office replied:

Hi Andrew and Nick,

Thank you for your request to interview Mayor Eisenberger. You are asking to speak about issues that are the purview of the federal government. It is not our practice to comment on federal issues in the midst of a federal election campaign. You also are requesting to speak at specific date and time. Unfortunately the Mayor’s schedule does not permit this.

For these reasons I respectfully decline your request.

Thank you for your interest.

Kind regards,

This did not sit well with me, and there has been no response from their office since I sent the following reply. This is where we directly request to the office of the mayor that his resignation needs to be tendered. As a company that strives to hold the powers that be accountable, the following desperately needed to be said. The Mayor is a disgrace to the people of Hamilton and Municipal politics in general. He holds his own ideals above that of the citizens of his city. While he chooses to speak with large corporate stations, worried about having his face on TV, he knows it is more of a danger to his chances of being elected again if he is seen speaking with Indigenous media by any of his electors.

Thank you for your reply,

In the process of decolonization it is imperative that white supremacy be called out where it is visible.

Declining to answer questions based on the Sir John A MacDonald statue is an ongoing issue within the city. Answering questions on why he upholds genocide by rallying to repair, restore and take pride in the genocidal history of Canada is of public interest as his actions are directly advocating for genocide:

In section 318 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, Every person who advocates or promotes genocide is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years. (2) In this section, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group, namely,

(a) killing members of the group; or (b) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction.

The acts fall under 318(2b) whereas a situation has been created thus hindering the voice of Indigenous Peoples as historically documented through colonial history.

Section 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is intended to serve, namely (1) democratic discourse, (2) truth finding and (3) self- fulfilment.

Through sidestepping and avoiding conversations with myself and our Correspondent the Mayor of Hamilton is teetering on the edge of a lawsuit in which the Ottawa mayor was embroiled in.

Avoiding journalists when in a position of power is not protected by The Charter. The acts are comparable to gaslighting the entire community and are grounds for our request for the resignation of the Mayor of Hamilton.

Now is time for all of our voices to be heard, I would like to take this message to Hamilton and personally call out for his resignation right beside where the statue fell on September 5th at the Unity Rally. The Mayor needs to tender his resignation and stop his tyranny now, what he is doing is implementing his own ideals into policy which goes against anything a good leader would do. A good leader would sacrifice for the people, and clearly Fred Eisenburger is not a man of the people, but just another politician with something to hide.

You can help get me to the rally by making a purchase from the CME Shop or by making a donation to

Listen to Red Truth & White Lie: A Podcast of Two Canadas every Monday at 5:00pmET on YouTube at Credible Mohawk Entertainment and listen on most podcast platforms. This Monday our guest is Sean McQuillan, Vancouver South NDP Candidate in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election on September 20.

Andrew Brant

CEO/Executive Producer

Credible Mohawk Entertainment


Red Truth & White Lies: A Podcast of Two Canadas


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