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Circle Wampum of the Haudenosaunee

Updated: May 1, 2020

The circle wampum is a very important belt for the Haudenosaunee. The equal strands of wampum represent the 50 chiefs. Each chief being equal and united. The one longer strand represents the people. When we are born our heart is in the middle of the circle. As we grow, the chiefs and the people work to keep the circle strong. The chiefs are said to be holding hands creating a large circle. Inside of the circle our the ways of the Haudenosaunee. The language, ceremonies, culture and the way of life of our people. The people inside of this circle follow the ways set down from the Creator. It is the responsibility of the chiefs to protect and continue the ways of the Haudenosaunee. If a person does not follow the ways of the Creator and the Haudenosaunee, they are said to have “left the circle” and are no longer under the protection of the 50 chiefs.

"The Teiotiokwaonhaston symbolism also recalls the principles of twoness, as Francis Boots has described the two rows of wampum beads, twisted together to form the outer border of the circle: each string that falls inwards represents one position of both “Rotiahneson and Iotiahneson, the Chiefs and Clan Mothers, which is to say the families.”…/…/vol2/002/NR46200.PDF #CredibleWampum #WhiteStoneCanoePeaceProject #ExpeditionTruth #RebuildingSociety

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