Credible Mohawk Entertainment Presents Mohawk Bud Talk

Andrew Brant and Nathan "Triple D" Thomas sample and discuss different strains of cannabis and other products found around Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and across Turtle Island.

Join us Monday to Friday 9:30pmEST on YouTube @mohawkbudtalk on Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud

Mohawk Bud Talk was created in late 2020 after a year of apocalyptic resurgence. Indigenous resistance to colonialism and announcing our sovereignty has never been taken away for all to hear while Black Liberation movements are taking the world by storm. The karma the white supremacist groups from the Nova Scotia and DC incidents are receiving is nothing short of a smoke screen in order to initiate stricter anti-terrorism laws which will ultimately effect Indigenous, Black, and peoples of color at the core of its legislation.

A 'breath of fresh air' was needed, along with a new apporach to reach more people with the message of all previously mentioned. In a daily effort to place Indigenous knowledge out for the public to access it has come clear that much of the Canadian settler population knows little of their history but are willing to learn, the only thing that has held them back before were people close to them, such as family members or friends. While talking about this with Nathan, it was decided that the public needed more knowledge about all aspects Indigenous ecological knowledge, medicine, traditional practice, and sovereignty.

More than just a weed show, Mohawk Bud Talk takes on the responsibility to engage with many removing the taboo of cannabis as an illicit substance and informing people of the many medicinal and cultural uses; just like in hunting, fishing and harvest, we use the entire plant. In different discussions we sample strains from different places in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, most recently Cannameds and Wolf Den, and explained different uses for eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, etc.

Throughout each episode as we started to get into more detail, it came clear that there were many aspects to the entire cannabis culture that many people wanted to know but were too nervous for one reason or another to go out and find out. It is always one thing for people to tell you that the Budtenders know what they're talking about, but it became our mission to prove it. In Tyendinaga we don't just have places to pick up you smoke, it has literally been built on the foundation of healing the minds and bodies of the people.

Throughout the territory (not a reserve), you can find many different places that offer many different and similar strains. Everything is tested, and quality; which is where we come in at Mohawk Bud Talk, to test the tested strains by consuming them as people that have been using cannabis as a medicinal aspect of our mental and physical health. With Andrew's experience as a grassroots Indigenous journalist and decade as an educator partnered with Nathan and his education and experience as a professional chef and Budtender himself, we can tell you exactly just how good the strains we try are.

In later episodes we show examples of how you can examine your weed before you buy it, there are places you can go in and not even touch anything, while walking out satisfied with everything that you purchased. While having a good time, we showcase the reality of weed as it is in 2021 as a proven treatment for many disorders and ailments.

Every segment includes a story from either Andrew, Nathan or a special guest where we talk about our experience and real life examples of how cannabis has worked for us through either smoking it, eating it, or using it as a topical treatment. Everything from calming anxiety, PTSD and panic attacks and more. We bring in different people who do not necessarily smoke cannabis but will ingest it by eating or drinking it in order to obtain the medicinal effects.

At the close of the first season the holiday season was coming up so we took that time to gather the cannabis allies from across Turtle Island to plan for an amazing second season with many more to come. There are dozens of shops in Tyendinaga and hundreds more across the Island and we intend to discover them all - we go shopping so you don't have to. All the stores and locations follow strict COVID-19 protocol procedures. We began the second season as we were restructuring and growing which led to Andrew resigning from Real People's Media to focus on all Credible Mohawk Entertainment productions which include not only this one, but Beside the Tracks with Andrew Brant which started January 11, 2021.

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Mohawk Bud Talk is a CME Original Production brought to you by Two Row Coffee Company, Cannameds, The Wolf Den Dispensary and North End Dispensary

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