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Where It All Started, and Escalated

Credible Mohawk Entertainment comes from a lone camera beside the tracks during the February shutdown of Canada, giving updates and warning of the Mainstream Media; the shutdown was the result of their colonial lies along with oppressive and misleading reporting.

The goal was to push the spotlight onto Indigenous voices in response to the lies being perpetuated daily by MSM. The Canadian National Railroad Police and Ontario Provincial Police conspired against the Mohawks and lied to criminalise the land defenders from coast to coast. There is still a legal battle going forward in which Tyendinaga Land Defenders still need assistance, as well as Land Back Land and all other land back camps throughout Turtle Island.

Mohawks were being used as scapegoats and targets of the Canadian National Railway to further a Federal colonial agenda. Closing down rail services, blocking public roadways, and blaming the Indigenous population were just a few tactics being exposed and spoken about regularly, which led to many across the nation waking up to a truth they were not quite prepared to deal with about Canada's oppressive state. Since then, CME has been there to inform the entire population of ongoing decolonization efforts through written articles which are also shared to other grassroots Indigenous media outlets.

Regular video content such as “The Credible Mohawk Live” and “Beside the Tracks with Andrew Brant” are just two programs that hit the political agenda of the colonizer where it hurts, the truth, and it has evolved into a centre of resistance for Indigenous voices around the world.

Ongoing additions will be made as the strength in the people rise more, and they become able to use their voices to shut down the oppression that has been spreading itself all over the world by the hand of the colonizer.

A new sports program is now in production with Executive Producer Andrew Brant and Co-Executive Producer Nathan Thomas, who is also premiering “Chef Natural Nate” in January following the season two premiere of “Mohawk Bud Talk” in which the two are also hosts.

This side of things helps the current audience relax and take some time out of the serious issues in the world, and still be entertained; if we can not laugh the world is doomed. Laughter is also one of the best medicines, and has gotten Indigenous people through some hard times as you see in some of the comedians already out there.

With the filters off and the exposure of the truth seemingly endless, the ears of the oppressed have opened up worldwide. Below is a map and list of the countries Credible Mohawk Entertainment reaches through the website and articles and social media:

Canada, United states, Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, South Africa, Portugal, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand

With extensive programming and a reach of millions of people worldwide, Credible Mohawk Entertainment is the place to have your message heard, your business seen, and your work promoted on a Mohawk run international entertainment and news production platform that promotes solidarity.

Program Sponsorship

Credible Mohawk Entertainment also offers sponsorship opportunities, for $500 per month you can sponsor broadcasts on the basis of monthly, or quarterly 3 month contracts. At the beginning of each program our host will announce who the program is brought to them by before heading into regular content. Each program will end with credits as well where all sponsors will be listed along with cast and crew.

Each program takes on a different niche while serving to the diverse audience that is the global community. Taking the status quo and turning it on its head, the goal of Credible Mohawk Entertainment is to bring truth to the so-called reconciliation efforts while providing tasteful, diverse content ensuring Indigenous perspectives are always accurate regardless of the program type.

From Executive Producer Andrew Brant comes "Behind the Tracks" which will feature voices of land defenders, lawyers, academics, athletes, and more with their perspective and input on current events taking place among the sovereignty reclamation efforts across Turtle Island and around the world. "Mohawk Bud Talk" tackles the taboo of cannabis and makes learning about it fun. While sampling from shops and outlets around Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and all the way out to so called British Colombia, the message of the cultural and traditional uses of cannabis are always embedded.

From Co-Executive Producer Chef Nathan Thomas comes "Chef Natural Nate" where he will bring his worldly culinary experience to the forefront to create traditional dishes as well as international dishes with a Mohawk perspective. Along with sponsorship opportunities for our visual programming we also have written articles presented from voices around the world, which is yet another place you can have your business seen.

Credible Mohawk Entertainment allows for all to catch up on programming on the website as soon as an episode of anything premieres, and encourages people to subscribe to both the website and YouTube channels for a chance to win free merchandise and products.

Advertising Opportunities

Credible Mohawk Entertainment is here to keep your advertising solution simple, so you can sit back and let the business roll in. With advertising, not only will you receive each of the listed products but can qualify for deals on sponsorship of our video programming.

Large Banner $150.00

Small Banner $125.00

Side Banner $100.00

Square Ad $75.00

We also offer written advertorials for your business, service, or product for $1000 which will always guarantee a local and worldwide reach. All banners and ads will link to your website directly to ensure traffic reaches your site. As production moves forward we will be offering video advertisement and video advertorials that can be embedded right into the program content (like a TV show), and current clients will receive first offers for these services.

Credible Mohawk Entertainment is a registered Indigenous news media and entertainment production company with its foundation in the Great Law of Peace and a direct aim and duty to abide by the precolonial wampum treaties of our ancestors that we currently still defend.

Programming such as that from this company will ensure resistance can evolve and take many forms in which there will be no escape from the message of decolonization. It will be embedded in the very fabric of society, woven carefully as wampum was into law.

To take advantage of these opportunities email and we will get back to you right away to discuss your advertising solution further.

Andrew Brant

Executive Producer/Publisher - Credible Mohawk Entertainment

@thecrediblemohawk / @andrewbrant87 - Instagram

Nathan Thomas

Co-Executive Producer/Editor - Credible Mohawk Entertainment

@thecrediblemohawk / @rahnonweshetken - Instagram

Credible Mohawk Entertainment is brought to you by Two Row Coffee Company...

...and possibly you as well.

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