For Immediate Release - January 7, 2021


JANUARY 7, 2021

We are at a pivotal point in History.

Onkwehonwe are rising up loud and strong in large numbers. More and more allies are beginning to decolonize and understand what is and has been happening. Justin Trudeau speaks of truth and reconciliation, but only if it’s for a photo opportunity. He puts no work behind his words.

He is not leading with a good mind.

From coast to coast Onkwehonwe are raising their voices.

The Haudenosaunee have been waiting more than 170 days for Nation to Nation negotiations with the ONLY level of Government that has jurisdiction to do so – Federal. Meanwhile municipal and provincial levels try to impose injunctions they have no power to.

The Tiny House Warriors have been fighting for the protection of their women and their unceded lands and waters for years.

In Saskatchewan RCMP and Canadian citizens abuse, and even murder Onkwehonwe and nothing is done.

In the Algonquin area settlers are hunting a limited Moose population to near extinction!

The Mi’kmaq in the east are facing life and death situations on a daily basis.

Canada was shut down for approximately a month in solidarity.

Victoria government buildings were occupied by youth.

Trudeau has remained silent.

We have a plan to amplify all the voices across Turtle Island, Onkwehonwe and Allies together, side by side as brothers and sisters. We plan to take your written voice to the steps of parliament and peacefully gather until they are taken inside.

We have two ways you can help us:

The first and most important part is to write a letter directly to your PM and how this affects you or share your opinion on his lack of action to negotiate. They will be printed and sealed and WILL NOT be read. Your words will go directly to the PM.

Email it by January 26th to:

Secondly we have many people, Onkwehonwe and Allies alike to get there. We will be driving from Six Nations in the Grand River Territory to Ottawa. We have gas, lodging and meals to provide. Donations can be made to the go fund me account linked below.

Let’s keep pushing. The biggest fear of the government is the end to their divide and conquer tactics. The best way to stand up is to live by the Two Row Wampum treaty. Together side by side as Brothers and Sisters. Steering our own vessels, but never steering the others'. Time to remove the governments hands from the paddles of the canoe and remind them they need to stay in their boat.

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