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Indigenous Sovereignty and Fridays for Future Guelph

Working hand in hand with Fridays for Future Guelph, this is just one way we can all unite people with individual identities toward one common goal: continued care-taking of Mother Earth for the next 7 Generations and the decolonisation of the oppressed minds of all people.

Please note this is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it’s a great place to get started! Thanks for your support. Tell your local federal MP and members of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet to reject Big Oil’s secret demands:… Petitions for green recovery: Open letter for a just recovery: Send a letter to your local MP for a green new deal: Stop construction on Coastal gaslink, Site C and Trans mountain pipelines:…/stop-all-construction-on-coasta… Tell CGL investors NO: Petitions against Big Oil Bailout:…… Pledge to stand with Unist’ot’en:…/1FAIpQLSdNtxbSahBWHsa9Wy…/viewform Random acts of Green app (support local businesses through green behaviour!) Email Justin Trudeau yourself: Call your MP yourself:

Don’t let the oil industry exploit the coronavirus pandemic to roll back climate action.

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