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Mohawk Warriors Who've Helped Guide Me

These are just two of the many that I have been able to learn from; had the opportunity to stay with Loran Thompson and learn from him and his family with two other men (Thotharatye, Raterennotha) in Akwesasne. While there we spent some time learning from the Bear Clan as well as singing social songs in the longhouse with some community members.

"Francis Boots "how he went to his first protest and his life long journey through the hotspots of Indian country. Francis tell us about the founding and growth of Akwesasne Notes and takes us through his experiences at Alcatraz, Wounded Knee, the BIA takeover and tells the tale of how he accidentally found himself in the pines of Kanehsatake."…/

"To many of the natives in the Warriors’ last stronghold, the looping rolls of razor wire that the army quickly put in place around them stood as a sharply focused symbol of their historic battle. Once again, said one of the Warriors’ senior advisers, Loran Thompson, the white man’s government was trying to crush the spirit of Indians, corralling them in a small and strategically indefensible scrap of territory—a makeshift reservation." Apocalypse in waitingTensions heighten in the Mohawk camp September 17, 1990"…/19…/9/17/apocalypse-in-waiting

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