Press Release: Allies of Onkwehonwe Unity Circle

Press Release; Allies of Onkwehonwe:

Voices to Ottawa

Tell Trudeau exactly how you feel about government treatment of Onkwehonwe across Turtle Island. You can email it and it will be delivered when we head to Ottawa.

Delivering these letters to the steps of parliament will be a huge visual, one we’re hoping the government cannot ignore and will intice voters to stop being complacent and speak out regarding Indigenous matters and the government of Canada.

Whether you want your letter to speak directly in support of Haudenosaunee Land claims or against TMX and in favour of the Wet’suwet’en, against hunting moose in Algonquin areas or for the Mi’kmaq and the violence they are facing or any other Onkwehonwe tragedy is totally up to you. Maybe you want to support all in your letter: This is your time and it will not be vetted! Your words will be left as you wrote them for politicians to see.

Our current goal is opening the governments mind to nation to nation negotiations resulting in postoperative outcomes across Turtle Island.

The more letters we have the bigger impact it can create! Don't hesitate to have your voice heard. We are more than happy to deliver your concerns to Ottawa. You can make a difference in this effort by donating the the GoFundMe campaign

Please email all letters to

You can say whatever you wish. The letters will not be vetted, they will be printed and sealed in individual envelopes, without us reading them.

Now is a time to add your voice!

We will take submissions right up until January 25th 2021.

Please like and follow Allies of Onkwehonwe on Facebook and Instagram for updates, educational posts and information regarding how you can be an ally and help us help Onkwehonwe across Earth.

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