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Prime Minister Dawns His War-Beard

In the Mohawk stance taken in support of the Wet'suwet'en call for action, I compared the The Canadian National Railway and Canadian Federal Government to the security forces of the Third Reich.

“Justin Trudeau started a war. That’s the way all the Indigenous people see it across Canada and the United States...The police are treating us like we’re some kind of terrorists, when really all we had was one requirement, and it was to get out of property that doesn’t belong to them." Feb 24, 2020 in their removal of land and water protectors from their territory by force.

This historical behaviour of demonising indigenous people is now over.

When the Canadian National Railway lied to a judge about the Mohawk blocking the tracks on Wyman Road it set about the longest Railway shutdown in Canadian history; peacefully, as the opressor always incites violence.


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