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Royal Canadian Mounted Schutzstaffel and Ontario Geheime Staatspolizei

Updated: May 1, 2020

I knew it was time to take a stand, so I went and stood with my brothers and sisters against the oppressive forces from outside and the infiltration from paid informant, culture appropriating, defender of women's abusers, and phoney Men's Council's determined to dismantle and discredit the Traditional Longhouse People of the Mohawk Nation.

I have seen some shares that start out as"I'm not racist, but...". That is a way to cover the racism and it seeps with it once said. So, if you don't understand then move on and don't pretend to be an activist. Your degradation of real warriors is only making you look weak.

"Trudeau is fighting back by going after Native People. Using chemical weapons, with tear gas pointed," Spitting Bear said as Belleville Police along the rail tracks held tear gas and weapons pointed at the Tyendinaga Mohawk camp today. "We manage our relationship with Mother Earth," Spitting Bear said. ~The Canadian National Railway were aware that the people were gathering to the tracks in time for the train to stop, again safety precautions were not taken by CN as they did not sound their horn which in turn activates cameras which record all incidents.

Remembering the Mohawk stance taken in support of the Wet'suwet'en call for action, where I compared the The Canadian National Railway and Canadian Federal Government to the security forces of the Third Reich (“Justin Trudeau started a war. That’s the way all the Indigenous people see it across Canada and the United States...The police are treating us like we’re some kind of terrorists, when really all we had was one requirement, and it was to get out of property that doesn’tbelong to them." Feb 24, 2020) in their removal of land and water protectors from their territory by force.

When the Canadian National Railway lied to a judge, as the tracks at no point were obstructed, about the Mohawk blocking the tracks on Wyman Road it set about the longest Railway shutdown in Canadian history; peacefully, as the opressor always incites violence


Artist: Kent Monkman - The Scoop

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