Walk The Stone Arch Bridge Until They Stop Line 3

Winona LaDuke asked, “Who is in charge of the drop off of law enforcement on Line 3? Someone has to say what is going on”. Corporate criminality by Enbridge and its co conspirators in the Trump administration invaded Anishinabe 1855 Treaty Territory with illegal permits that lacked any Environmental Impact Statement nor review by the Army Corp of Engineers. In their haste to make profits from a dying fossil fuel industry, regulations were ignored as 69 waterways will be crossed forging a new corridor of poorly constructed and unmaintained pipelines that will inevitably leak. These corporate criminals aren’t being held accountable for the old leaking pipeline corridor that continues to pollute the land.

In August 2020 Anishinabe tribes filed lawsuits in court to recind these illegal permits now allowing “Enbridge to unroll holy fury” in Anishinabe territory. In these Covid times the Anishinabe experienced 42 times the death rate and Enbridge’s pandemic pipeline is a 2021 super spreader sanctioned by the federal government. As an economist, Winona LaDuke, White Earth Anishinabe understands that our current consumption of “energy results in 60% wasted energy during production and that ten percent of fossil fuels are now cancelled. The Canadian Alberta Tar Sands is falling apart with an economic playbook from the last century. We are standing at a portal between two (economic) worlds. We have the opportunity to walk through that portal.”

Winona has led Honor the Earth’s campaign to Stop Line 3 for the past 7 years. “Most women in charge of households and economies are egalitarian. Women have a totally different way to get things done based on relationships not fear. I want to be a doola of the next economy, We got to get the balance back. Sit on the bench, Richard Branson and we will take over.” As an economist and environmentalist, she explains our current energy consumption. “Quit wasting stuff. Cut back our consumpution. Localize your food and use home power systems. Stop being first world entitled systems. Book your own just transition by cutting back use and be reasonable. In these Covid Times we stay home and check our brooms for zoom. We cut our fossil fuel consumption by 10%.

The Canadian Alberta Tar Sands is falling apart, their last mine never opened. The investors have moved, Exxon, Basos and Elin Musk are here now. Endbridge has a play book from the last century. Their corporate criminality ignores the destruction caused by the original corridor of aging leaking oil pipelines they failed to maintain. The economics are so bad, it gets worse and worse, we fought long enough, the market for dirty oil has gone down.”

Instead Enbridge is building a new corridor of pipelines they have no intention to maintain. Their corporate criminality extends to the 4,200 out of state pipe fitters and other workers who invaded Anishinabe 1855 Treaty territory with their speeding pickup trucks and heavy machinery, destroying human and wild life habitats in their path. Anishinabe food sources- wild rice, maple sugar trees, medicinal plants, WATER and wild as well as human life are impacted. This attack on food sources is a familiar settler government policy used in the past against Native Peoples. The Anishinabe have rights that the corporate criminal Enbridge is ignoring.

Corporate criminality extends itself into individual lives of the Anishinabe by forcing bad habits of homeless out of state men without their sexual partners. Not only are 4,200 workers imported, but Enbridge pays for local police to arrest and charge pipeline demonstrators. Enbridge imports mercenary security forces to harass local folks with photographing without permission, stalking in unmarked vehicles and intimidation.

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources personnel are the most aggressive in Enbridge’s new pipeline corridor, willing and ready to use force against demonstrators. Enbridge has created a police state to construct their pipeline to Texas for refining and overseas profits. None of the communities whose environments are destroyed will benefit. Yet another example of development for the first and second world, that is dependent upon the underdevelopment of Minnesota workers and NO development for Indiigenous Peoples.

Winona invites you to visit Anishinabe 1855 Treaty Territory and “stop being a climate criminal” while remembering Martin Luther King’s cry, to bear witness to injustice and join Jane Fonda with others who are working to “Stop Line 3.” Pray for the ice and the cold to stop construction, donate tents for all the good minded visitors, take action in the sugar bush to harvest the maple syrup and the sweetness of life, stand in 2 degree weather in the face of the cops, donate money and supplies for the six Anishinabe resistance camps and just keep walking through the portal.

Stop Line 3 Action Steps

1. Make a call

2. Send an email

3. Sign some petitions

4. Donate

5. Get more information and get more involved

6. Take action at a camp

1. Make a Call - People to call:

· Minnesota Governor Walz is 651-201-3400.

· Precision Pipeline- 3314 56th Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703 phone- 715-874-4510

"Hi, I'm [NAME], I'm calling from [PLACE], and I'm calling because I am extremely concerned about the construction on the Line 3 pipeline. The pipeline is still facing enormous legal challenges from tribal nations, advocacy groups, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. I'm calling to demand a halt to construction to protect the integrity of the process, and to protect communities in Minnesota from the dangerous spread of COVID. Thank you."

2 - Send an Email

Email Governor Tim Walz:

Go to the website contact form at https://mn.gov/governor/contact/. Fill it out.

What we’re asking: Direct the Attorney General and Commissioner of Commerce to seek an injunction from the MN Court of Appeals to stop further construction of Line 3, until the case against the pipeline brought by the Red Lake and White Earth Nations can be heard.

Alternative message: The influx of workers to northern MN is only likely to cause a larger COVID outbreak. Rural clinics, health care workers, and hospitals already do not have enough resources to deal with the pandemic. Native people are hardest hit by the pandemic. Stop construction on Line 3 for the health of everyone in the area.

Email Attorney General Keith Ellison:


What we’re asking: Petition the Court of Appeals for an injunction against construction of Line 3. The Red Lake and White Earth Nations (as well as the MN Dept of Commerce) have raised valid concerns about the need for and legality of the pipeline. If Enbridge continues construction at its current pace, much damage will be done before the Court of Appeal even hears the case. An injunction is needed to stop them from proceeding.

Email Acting Commissioner of Commerce Grace Arnold:


What we’re asking: Pressure the Attorney General to petition the Court of Appeals for an injunction against construction of Line 3. Unless an injunction is filed immediately, the line will be substantially completed before the Court of Appeals will hear the Commerce Department’s case against it. This makes a mockery of the Red Lake Nation, the White Earth Nation, and the Commerce Department.

Emails to friends and family:

Dear [family member/friend],

As you have likely heard by now, Enbridge started construction on the Line 3 pipeline in November. I am writing to ask that you join me in resisting this pipeline.

Something about why it’s important to you to stop Line 3…

· Your responsibility as a white settler to hold our government accountable for honoring treaties

· Your personal connection to land and water in Minnesota and your sense of personal responsibility for land stewardship

Your beliefs about the need for racial justice and how that relates to the environmental racism playing out with approval of permits for Line 3 and ongoing construction

· Your concern about the prioritization of corporate profit and the injustices being enacted against indigenous communities

Something about what you have done to contribute to efforts to stop Line 3...

· Participated in this action hour to write emails

· Made phone calls to elected officials

· Donated money and supplies

· Attended protests and organizing meetings

An invitation to take action, choosing one or two actions based on what you think they would be most interested in doing...

· Respond to asks for supplies from the frontlines.

· Donate money to the frontlines.

· Sign the Line 3 Pledge of Resistance to stay connected to organizing asks from MN350 and the frontlines.

· Sign up for a Watch the Line training to help monitor Line 3 construction: Saturday, January 9th, 1-3pm. Register Here. Watch the Line is an effort to monitor Line 3 construction and hold Enbridge accountable.

· Sign up for a non-violent direct action training with Northfield Against Line 3 to gain skills to help stop Line 3! Wednesday, January 6 and Thursday, January 7 6-8pm.

· Participate in Stone Arch Bridge Solidarity Walks.

And invite everyone to call and email Governor Walz...

It’s especially important that more people call and email Governor Walz (at 651-201-3400) to express concern about Line 3 construction. The governor has said he will not take action to stop construction until Line 3 becomes a bigger issue with “everyday Minnesotans.” This is a helpful sample script from MN350 that you can use when you call:

"Hi, I'm [NAME], I'm calling from [PLACE], and I'm calling because I am extremely concerned about the construction on the Line 3 pipeline. The pipeline is still facing enormous legal challenges from tribal nations, advocacy groups, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. I'm calling to demand a halt to construction to protect the integrity of the process, and to protect communities in Minnesota from the dangerous spread of COVID. Thank you."

3 - Sign a Petition

· -https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/minnesotas-governor-needs-to-stop-line-3

· -https://act.350.org/sign/tell-biden-no-line-3

· http://pipelinecleanupmn.org/petition

4 - Donate

· Honor The Earth- https://donorbox.org/honor-the-earth-donation

· Nekanehsakt - https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=7LAFUCHQ4EFPW

· Directly to the Front Lines- https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout/donate?donatePageId=5b85950daa4a9905ff8c1e7a&ss_cid=41a20bda-525a-46b1-933a-48eba7d204d7&ss_cvisit=1611133734949&ss_cvr=316b7cba-7e3e-46b5-a09e-935ad87d37b4%7C1609558917939%7C1610507606737%7C1611133734770%7C4

Other options

· Join a new group of concerned landowners, Minnesotans for Pipeline Cleanup (pipelinecleanupmn.org). Sign their petition, download a sample letter to send to your officials, attend their free informational meetings.

· Join more than 24 landowners and citizens applying to formally intervene in the Line 3 permitting process. This means you are a formal party in the PUC hearings and get to ask questions, comment, etc.

· Connect with your local environmental groups or faith communities.

· Write op-ed articles or letter to the editor and publish them in your local newspaper.

· Help distribute literature or organize an event.

· DIVEST Your money: https://mazaskatalks.org/#theboycott

Agnes F Williams, Seneca Indigenous Women's Initiatives 1272 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY; 14209 716-332-6988 voice (office hours by appointment) 716-949-2619 mobile nyawehskanoh@gmail.com

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