The War in Illegitimate Canada Uncovered Through Ancient Traditional Indigenous Governance

Returning again from Six Nations where there is another spark in the new beginning that is coming out of these past hundreds of years, with medicine games and spirits being lifted our ancestors are screaming at us to continue.

"This is what war looks like" is what many of us hear and repeat over and over, from staring directly into the faces of armed oppressors, knowing you are stronger with just the people behind you; hearing the screaming and bullets flying, being shot and having the smell of the fire ingrained into your senses, to meeting with the people and physically seeking out the change that has been fought for this long.

The use of our rule of law as a Nation truly shows many how powerful a united mind can be to overcome tyranny at any level for the benefit of the next Seven Generations. The use of proper protocols according to Kayanere'kowa is essential to solidify our continuity. What can be seen and what is happening are things that we as a people can finally control instead of being controlled on our own lands.

The beauty of being born of this land is that we know it inherently, which means we are in the woods and along the waters, we are everywhere after generations of preparing and will not stop seeking peace, but will also destroy any invasions that are attempted on us again.

What does this mean for #1492landbacklane? The OPP and the colonial state need to remove themselves from the area just as the RCMP need to remove themselves in so-called British Columbia and across "Canada" and cease their war directly intended on resource extraction and genocide as the power shift on Turtle Island goes from the corporate colonial police states, into the hands of the people who are meant to defend our identity to our dying breath.

Mother Earth is part of our identity and we have risen from the graves that you dug and attempted to bury us in just like you did all those children for hundreds of years while murdering the women and poisoning minds to benefit off the back of Indigenous people. This is being recognised by many people all over and Indigenous peoples are rising up in masses as we are no longer allowing this government to move it's agenda forward.

Reclaiming our identity seems scary for some because they have been brainwashed to think about Kanyen'kehaka and other Nations within the Haudenosaunee Confederacy a certain way. To see us meet and gather is scary because many were told we were savage and unorganised when in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth. As the ones who introduced guerrilla warfare to Europeans understand you will never see all our cards as we are the defenders of the Great Peace.

#landback means a better future for the next seven generations, clean water, air, and land. The power is in the people and it shows immensely within the Kanyen'kehaka and all Nations bound by the International Law we call the Kayanere'kowa - which with every passing minute we as the defenders of the Great Law are becoming stronger and have already won through resistance of colonial religious genocide.

Canada has broken the peace, it is an act of war each time they attack the Indigenous people; they are blatantly committing crimes against humanity right in front of the world

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