Trudeau & Harper - Two Wings of the Same Bird Flying Toward Genocide

The beginning weeks have only been a warm up to what is about to happen throughout 2021. With events across Turtle Island and around the world chopping at the roots of peace and preservation of life, we know that continued resistance and political dissent is going to be grouped in with the white supremacists who attempted a coup in Washington D.C.

This is nothing new in North America, and the settler community has always backed these laws and amendments such as C-51 in Canada under the Harper regime believing that it will ultimately make them safer; another lie in order to label Indigenous activists as terrorists.

In the long run, any laws against political dissent are unethical and the ones putting these forward should never be allowed to hold office. When Indigenous peoples stand against oppression they are met with more violence than one can understand in the settler community. Our bodies are put in front of bulldozers and pipelines to defend what is inherently and rightfully our place on this earth we were chosen to care for. When people see children, women, and men out on the front line they wonder why or even how they can do it. The answer is simple and it runs in our veins, the lifeblood of Mother Earth is the water and it runs through all of us. We go back into the ground which we were originally made from, we are the protectors, stewards and children of the land with a special bond.

Political dissent would require Indigenous nations to accept and be a part of the colonial government, which has not happened. Only through colonial cultural and physical genocide has one form of government come to be recognised and the rest deemed extinct or mythical. Even in the stories told of Indigenous peoples, we are referred to as if we are a small group of radicals going against the grain. This couldn't be further from the truth, a large number of Indigenous people across Turtle Island still follow their traditional governance system where others have been so effected by the generational trauma of the colonial governments' actions that they refuse to participate in their system as well as have lost their own governance systems. This is one reason why the federal government has made into law that only 25% of the band membership needs to vote.

This is part of the paternalistic imperialism of the Canada that is embedded in its very foundations of the British North America act, fierce legislation ensued with militarised police forces. As decades turned into centuries the genocide has taken many different faces but has always remained the same and always been enforced by the same people. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is literally built in order to suppress Indigenous peoples and they still deny systemic racism. Justin Trudeau's private army of RCMP, OPP, DND, etc are all immediate dangers to Indigenous peoples in Canada, and even more so to Indigenous women and girls.

The defence of resource extraction projects with such a heavily armed presence on unceded Indigenous territories and areas of high First Nations populations is a clear sign that Romeo Saganash was right, and expressed what we all thought when he said "Justin Trudeau doesn't give a fuck about First Nations rights". With many of the perpetrators in the sex trafficking industry being in and around these resource extraction projects there is a clear sign that they do not care about our women, and they know that women are the foundation of Indigenous Nations. We are majority matrilineal and matriarchal tribes who inhabit this land, and it is time that these projects stop.

Canada is failing, and it isn't due to a lack of trying on the part of many Indigenous and non-indigenous activists, lawyers, scholars, and youth. Many complaints have been filed against Canada from the United Nations right to it's own Human Rights Tribunal which both found them complicit in genocide. This isn't even mentioning the report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Each time Canada is investigated they are found guilty, and like the child government they are they push it aside as if it never happened and continue with genocidal legislation. They truly are the Commonwealth's suck-up child in that way.

Now with Bill C-15 Canada continues to ignore the voices of Indigenous peoples whom actually hold power, which is the traditional governance systems of each nation. Canada itself is built of treaties and ignores the blatant fact that they have no title to the land, and can not produce it.

Andrew Brant




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