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In 1613 the Dutch descended upon Mohawk territory with their families and new ways of life, with their different way of dressing and using iron pots and pans - and of course guns and ammunition. It was at this time the Haudenosaunee Confederacy had already been established for hundreds of years, and the responsibility of the Mohawk nation is to be the keepers of the eastern door. If anyone from the east wishes to pass through the territory of the five, now Six Nations Confederacy they must go through the eastern door under the protection of the Mohawk or the western door which is under the protection of the Seneca. This is where, out of European ignorance, the Dutch declared that they should be called “Father” and the Mohawk (and other nations) would be called “sons.”

This statement of hierarchy did not sit well with the Mohawks, as they and the rest of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy are a matrilineal society. Therefore the response to this declaration was “We shall address each other as ‘Brothers.’ This shows that we are equal to each other.” It was at this time when the Two Row Wampum was strung, which laid out a law in which the Dutch and subsequent settler states accepted in order to live together on Turtle Island in peace.

Just as each European nation where the population can understand one or more languages, the same rang true on Turtle Island. All of our nations were involved in extensive trading which is proven with linguistic groups, as dialects change as you get closer to other outside Indigenous territories and the terms used literally change with the land. The colonial governments began to learn this, and by this time the United States of America was newly formed based on stolen laws from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy of Nations - then claimed it as their own, manipulated it so individuals had actual power and called it democracy; then slip through the cracks by calling it a Democratic Republic (last time anyone checked, so is North Korea by official self given title).

The history of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is rich with cultural knowledge and teachings that sustain the people of those nations within, as it guides them all to one common goal of peace, power and righteousness. Among the original Five Nations of the Confederacy, there are the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Seneca. The Tuscarora nation came under the protection of the Kayanere’kowa in 1722 after they migrated north from North Carolina, where they had been frequently kidnapped and sold into slavery by the British. They settled in south-central New York where they were provided refuge under the Tree of Great Peace. Each one of the six nations has its own distinct cultural practices and beliefs that they carry out throughout their daily lives.

Intertwined in the language of the mainstream media lay the foundation of the lie of Canada. When we speak to things already being here, this is inherent knowledge that the government has been systematically attempting to erase since their contact with Indigenous Nations. From governance systems to ceremonies, everything that Indigenous people do is to benefit the coming seven generations. Extensive research does not need to be done for people to know the Indigenous Population called this land Turtle Island long before the settlers arrived. It was not until many, many years later when it could be seen from above that North America does in fact resemble the back of a turtle. Rightly so, as it is embedded in our creation stories.

Through these historical experiences Indigenous peoples have always been on the front line, as each person of that nation has a voice and is allowed to utilize it based on the situation. This concept was literally foreign to the colonists, but the process still works to this day. This inherent knowledge gives us each the power individually and as a whole to ensure life continues and improves for the next seven generations. Right now we are in the middle of a climate disaster, and the foundation of help is within Indigenous ecological knowledge.

The time for allies to sit back and listen, then repeat our message is upon us; take action and build the foundation for the Covenant Chain to truly be polished. It is the people that shut the government down, not the other way around. In the case of the historical experience we have already seen the present tactics being used within language such as “trust” and “reconciliation”. To the colonial government and the settlers it controls, words are all that needs to be done because they the settlers have proven they will listen to the politician’s lies, and be angry for four year increments.

The Indigenous population has been speaking up, saying we are no longer going with the status quo and the colonial Canadian government needs to dissolve and rebuild without the foundations of systemic racism. Rebuilding based on the treaties, not fear mongering and waging wars on the Onkwehonwe of the land; turning settlers against the Indigenous because there is money to be made off the land. #ShutDownCanada2021 is something that can happen, because defending Indigenous Sovereignty is defending Mother Earth and the environment for the next seven generations regardless of race, color, religion, etc.

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To rise as a united front with all our identities intact will make it impossible for the federal colonial government to control the resource extraction and perpetuate the systemic racism embedded at all levels. Settlers swarming the courts looking for retribution for being lied to and sold stolen land, lied to about their history, lied to about the Onkwehonwe of the land that have been here since time immemorial. Many tell tales of horrific Nazi Germany, the pain is still there and generational trauma exists; this is the state of the Indigenous people in Canada now, where we need to literally carry documentation with a status number in order to be recognized as an Indian (not even a person according to the Indian Act). This, many Canadians do not even realize.

While the settlers are swarming, getting retribution for the lies and deceit imposed upon them, it will give the Onkwehonwe a better and stronger lead in defending and occupying land to keep it from being destroyed. Settlers have been worried about their homes and where they are going to go. This should not be an issue, because if they are willing to live under the actual laws of the land (which are Onkwehonwe in nature) then everything will be fine.

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