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Tadodaho was an evil sorcerer who the people feared greatly. He was fearsome to look at as his mind and body were so tangled, that snakes writhed in his hair.

Tadodaho loved the lawlessness and wars that entrenched the lands around him. All leaders from the Nations came to Tadodaho. With the strength of all of the minds as one, they were able to overcome Tadodaho's sorcery to continue their plan of peace.

Tadodaho began to realize how strong the words of the Peacemaker are. He would watch over the council fire of the Haudenosaunee and guide the council with thoughts of peace for the people.

When Tadodaho accepted this plan of peace, the Peacemaker is said to have 'combed the snakes' from Tadodaho's hair. He no longer thought of jealousy, anger, revenge, and war.

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Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Tadodaho Medium Roast