A journey on the road to decolonization with Mohawk Turtle Clan Andrew Brant and settler ally Nick LaMarsh.

After being a member of the Canadian Military Reserves and living in the settler colonial Canada his entire life, Nick came to the realization that the white lies he's been fed have a deep impact on not only Indigenous people but those of all backgrounds.

Seeking the truth brought him to the Indigenous people, who hold generations of knowledge and have been fighting for its existence since the time of contact.

With help of producer Nathan Thomas, Mohawk Wolf Clan, Andrew Brant will speak weekly about the "Red Truth" facing Indigenous people and Nick will bring the "White Lies" he has been fed which perpetuate racism and genocide today, in the two separate Canadas we live in; one for the white settler and one for everyone else.


Meet Your Hosts


Sha'tekayen:ton Andrew Brant

Mohawk Turtle Clan

Over the past 20 years I have been battling for the rights of our people and bringing awareness to our culture, traditions, and the environment. Growing up I observed many front line people who put themselves in front of the land in order to protect it; in 1999 was when I went out to stand against the expansion of a landfill, and in the years following I was present for the events at the Culbertson tract in Tyendinaga, Caledonia in 2006, Wyman Railroad last year and Land Back Lane with an array of experience in between. 

I am a graduate of Trent University with a diploma in Kanyen'kehaka (Mohawk Language) and worked as a Mohawk language and Indigenous Studies teacher for over ten years, was a board member for Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna Language and Culture Circle in Tyendinaga with a hand in the opening of the first primary Mohawk immersion program, lent my voice to different educational language media projects in stage and film; I also played small roles on stage and film, and ran a small business in which I reached out to schools and delivered a cultural program before COVID19. I was also successful in arranging a trip for my high school students to Kanatsyohareke so they would have the opportunity to visit their homeland at least one. 

I have had the opportunity to open many groundbreaking ceremonies, awards ceremonies, the Mohawk Landing which is a yearly celebration of our arrival in Tyendinaga. Since Canada shut itself down in 2020, I have taken the role of Grassroots Journalist and have been presenting evidence of ongoing Canadian genocide, destruction of the environment, and blatant disregard for Indigenous rights. 

Ranonweshetken Nathan Thomas

Mohawk Wolf Clan

My name is Nathan Thomas (Rahnonweshetken) Born and raised on The Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, wolf clan Son to Dean and Lynda Thomas. I come from a long line of cooks, chefs and bakers, food is ingrained in me and my Blood. So as a young man I set out to make my own mark in this world, along the way was highly encouraged to create my own cooking niche that was a mixture of contemporary food and traditional indigenous food.


Along the way rediscover my ancestral roots, and myself. I was able to find that many of our own people didn’t know how to not only make traditional food, couldn’t cook period. So as such I have taking it upon myself to try and help educate others on my findings and life experiences. Now with the help of CME I am able to have a much larger voice and can finally start helping educate all the peoples of turtle island how food ties directly into not only ceremonies and traditions, but as well health and overall wellness, both positive and negative.

Nick LaMarsh

Settler Ally/Accomplice

Raised in a strict Christian upbringing with racially indifferent ideals I was your typical white guy, covertly racist and a patriotic voter who only cared about himself. I left the church when I was 15 and many of those ideals were engrained in me. I went to public schools, was a member of the Canadian Military Reserves for about 4 years and didn’t know anything about Indigenous history or culture – nor did I care.

I quickly learned after leaving the reserves that government and people in power are only in it for the money and themselves. Fast forward - I moved to Brantford in 2008 and was told by my in-laws and coworkers to be careful around the reserve and avoid Natives around town. I was afraid of Native people due to the lack of understanding. Over 3 years I realized my systemic racist ideals and changed my reckless, disrespectful lifestyle. I became familiar with my own ancestral heritage and I was able to heal and correct my wrong doings in life. Now, following The Great Law, The Great Peace, honoring the Two Row Wampum and The Dish With One Spoon treaties I have chosen to actively stand and support Indigenous peoples.

My intention is to spread the message and tell the truth to other settlers that there must be honour, friendship, respect and integrity towards Indigenous peoples under the age-old treaty agreements and for them to realize the wrong doings and oppressive tactics used against Indigenous people by their government.