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A journey on the road to decolonization with Mohawk Turtle Clan Andrew Brant and settler ally Nick LaMarsh.

After being a member of the Canadian Military Reserves and living in the settler colonial Canada his entire life, Nick came to the realization that the white lies he's been fed have a deep impact on not only Indigenous people but those of all backgrounds.

With over 20 years of defending the land and teaching the Mohawk language and culture, living and learning in the traditional and Western world at Trent and Queen's Universities, Andrew brings the Red Truth to the program


The Journey Begins

A journey on the road to decolonization with Mohawk Turtle Clan Andrew Brant and settler ally Nick LaMarsh. After being a member of the Canadian Military Reserves and living in the settler colonial Canada his entire life, Nick came to the realization that the white lies he's been fed have a deep impact on not only Indigenous people but those of all backgrounds. Seeking the truth brought him to the Indigenous people, who hold generations of knowledge and have been fighting for its existence since the time of contact.

An Oily Connecion

The hosts discuss Land Back briefly to point out Enbridge surveillance on the land of the Mohawks and Six Nations as laid our in the Haldimand Proclamation and Treaty 3 1/2 with possible plans for future destruction, all thanks to the care of the "Canadian" government. Reconciliation is dead, the only way to move forward is learning the truth about the connections between oil and MMIWGMBLGBT2S+. Welcome to the truth about the Two Canadas which Onkwehon:we have been speaking about since contact. 


Water is Life

water and its connection to all living beings.  Nick tells an interesting story about the 4 types of water on Earth and how we are all connected with that as well as touching on a Norse legend that is similar to the Tadodaho legend where snakes return to the water.  Also talked about is the perception of a crisis among settlers when there are storms and the water is off or there don't have access to it, that's normal life for people on reserves in Canada and the United States but it's a massive problem when it happens in settler society and it gets corrected within a couple weeks Sometimes within a few days.  Also talked about is difference of infrastructure on reserves compared to off reserve and the Lack of funding that results in so.

There Is No Cancel Culture

Description to come


Traditional Food and Sustainable Farming.

Creation story brief overview of three sisters and heirloom potatoes; as it pertains to Kanyen'kehaka (Mohawks); Importance of food as it pertains to Ohenton Karihwatehkwen (words before all, aka opening address), Tyonhehkwen (that which sustains us, aka food), the Cultural significance of food and importance of agriculture and traditional indigenous ecological knowledge. Awareness of one self while using a traditional diet

Tyonhehkwen and Sacred Medicine

In this episode we discuss the importance of Oyenkwa'òn:we (sacred tobacco) and Onkonhkwa'shón'a (medicine). Nick shares she nine sacred medicines of the Norse, Nathan shares knowledge of traditional uses and Andrew shares the proper way of collecting medicine, acknowledging nature, and opens the episode with Ohenton Karihwatehkwen.


Colonial Corruption on Onkwehonwe Traditional Politics


The influence of colonial policy on Onkwehonwe people has been purposely oppressive, and was literally deigned to rid the land of all the original nations in order to settle and expand a money hungry empire hell bent on controlling the masses to ensure ongoing resource extraction. As shutdowns loom over the people of Turtle Island, the government continues to fund TMX which keeps them complicit in crimes against humanity that it brings with it such as sex rings, MMIWG, mental health problems, and addictions while leaving the Onkwehonwe population without clean drinking water, and in jail for trying to defend it. 
The grips are tight on settler allies as well, with police surveillance flying overhead, sitting in vans with binoculars like the old 1908's TV stakeout, and intimidating anyone willing to use their voices; in this podcast of two Canadas, we #TellTheTruth and expose their terrorist tactics against not only Onkwehonwe but allies as well. 

White Lies of Ipperwash

Through the constant influx of surveilence of the CME team and allies, we delve into why "why" as Nick uses his former experience in the Canadian Reserve Force to describe the racism that existed within the ranks, and what the military did while the OPP killed Dudley George.


White Lies of Ipperwash, cont'd.

A continued conversation from the previous podcast about institutional racism and corrupt government and policing.

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 12

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Episode 13

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Episode 14

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Roots of Toxic Masculinity

Hosts Andrew and Nick speak with CME Investigative Journalist Alex White on the history and affects of toxic masculinity. Available as well on our homepage and all podcast platforms.

Police Violence From Land Back to Lamport

From Land Back Lane to Lamport Field Stadium, Andrew and Nick sit with Land Defender Skyler Williams.


Hamilton Centre NDP MP Matthew Green

In this episode MP Matthew Green, NDP; Hamilton Centre, and discusses topics such as the Land Back movement, environmental terrorism, and David Lametti in the Justice Department not turning over the records from the Catholic Church regarding residential school internment camps. 

Mko Vieux: ISR Militants

Saving the Salmon; Special Guest Mko Vieux, Leader Ilahee Spirit Runners.


Kelly Donovan: Fit4Duty President/Founder

This week's guest, former award winning police officer turned whistleblower, President and Founder of Fit4Duty, Kelly Donovan. Listen in on how the indoctrination and misuse of power begins on day one and only gets worse with time. The Chiefs of Police have a misconstrued sense of power under the Police Services act enabling them to target some, and not investigate others; hear the truth of the Over-site Committee and Human Rights Tribunal.


Miguel Avila: Fighting for Toronto

Competing with Toronto City Council


Hastings/Lennox and Addington NDP MP Candidate Matilda DeBues

In this pre-colonial-election episode Andrew and Nick sit with Hastings, Lennox and Addington NDP MP Candidate Matilda DeBues and have a real conversation about Indigenous inclusion, plans to redistribute funds from policing to more social programming, lowering the voting age to 16, and even LAND BACK! The HLA NDP Candidate was able to answer all of our questions honestly, thoroughly and without talking points, and brought up not only speaking with colonial band council leaders, but the people and traditional leaders and knowledge keepers as well. The power is in the people, vote NDP. After this episode, if you were on the fence you won't be anymore.

Jordan Carrier & Audrey Davis: Hamilton Unity Rally

This week, hosts Andrew and Nick are joined with two of the organisers from the August 14th Unity Rally in Hamilton, Ontario where the statue of John A MacDonald fell.


Adrian Hough: Canadian Actor/Settler Ally


After a week off, Andrew and Nick are back with another great episode with actor Adrian Hough. He has been to the Fairy Creek Blockade and is ready to tell us what it is like there on the ground and his experience there. When he was there, immediately he said "I need to use my privilege to draw more attention to this. I know people, I can get them here." Born in Toronto, Adrian spent 10 years in the UK, where he trained and worked as an actor in theatre and film and television. Returned to Toronto Canada in the 90s and went directly to work. His ability with accents and voice booked him his first audition and job in the animated X-men classic series as the original Nightcrawler. Adrian has since amassed over 100 television and film credits, all of them substantial roles. In 2006 Adrian played the part of Jean Grey's father in 'X-Men 3' becoming the only actor who has both voiced an X-Man and been in the live action movies. In 2011 he got the role that would bring him to the attention of the gamer world. That of the famous video game character, the first Grand Master of the Templar Order's Colonial Rite, Haytham Kenway in the billion-dollar earning, Assassin's Creed 3. His flawless accent and work as the British colonial, completely done in performance capture at Ubisoft's studio, garnered Adrian his first international award nomination, a BAFTA. Ten days after the nomination, in 2013, Adrian's father died. It was a bittersweet time. Adrian's incredible acting skills have landed him a wide range of intense roles. There have been many times he has found himself flying from one production to another, swiftly changing from a demonic murderer to, for example, a man with great piety. Adrian's current on-screen role as Sigourney Weaver's brother in '(re) Assignment' falls into the bad-guy category. He'll tell you that he has developed a fondness for playing men of dubious character and motives, and that he likes to always find a heart within the monster. In life however, the man himself couldn't be kinder. Adrian's ocean-side island home keeps him and his three children close to the water and old growth forests which he works passionately to protect.

Sean McQuillan: Vancouver South NDP MP Candidate

Hosts Andrew and Nick are joined by Vancouver South NDP Candidate Sean McQuillan To discuss everything from resource extraction, and how the political system is designed to make it difficult for Indigenous people to be elected to colonial government to try making changes from within. Follow Sean McQuillan on Twitter @LuckySean Follow Andrew and Nick on Twitter and Instagram @AndrewBrant87 and @NickLaMarsh Follow CME on Instagram @TheCredibleMohawk and on Twitter @CredibleMohawk Subscribe to our website, never miss a thing; visit our shop and support Indigenous Media


Alexandra White CME Investigative Journalist

Today Alex White joins us for another insightful episode, where we discuss fear triggers and trauma; because

Andrew Hunter: On Whiteness

Andrew Hunter is a Hamilton-born independent writer, artist, curator, and educator. He has held curatorial positions across Canada and produced exhibitions and publications for numerous institutions across Canada and internationally. 


His work focuses on the stories of peoples erased and marginalized in the dominant narratives of Colonial Canada and whiteness. He has collaborated with many Indigenous artists and community activists over a thirty year career, including Jeff Thomas, Shelley Niro, Bonnie Devine, Meryl McMaster, Shuvinai Ashoona and Tim Pitsiulak. He is a member of the advisory board for the Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery at NSCAD University. His latest book, “It was Dark there All the Time: Sophia Burthen and the legacy of Slavery in Canada, will be published by Goose Lane in January 2022, and will be followed by an exhibition snd community engagement program at Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton.


Hunter’s current initiative is an unauthorized public history intervention in Hamilton/Ancaster/Dundas that raises public awareness of the presence of Sophia Burthen (Pooley) and chattel slavery in Colonial Canada. Hunter was also a student at Mohawk Trail School from grades Kindergarten to Six.


Alexandra White CME Investigative Journalist

Today Alex White joins us for another insightful episode, where we discuss fear triggers and trauma; because


They Lied To You in School, And Still Do

Justin Lessard shares some of the frustrations teachers have with the school curriculum keeping all the students in a box forced to learn what "some old white men want them to learn", as Justin put it. Andrew, being a teacher for many years had a lot to say about this with Nick asking a lot of great questions, as usual.


Sha'tekayen:ton Andrew Brant

Mohawk Turtle Clan

Over the past 20 years I have been battling for the rights of our people and bringing awareness to our culture, traditions, and the environment. Growing up I observed many front line people who put themselves in front of the land in order to protect it; in 1999 was when I went out to stand against the expansion of a landfill, and in the years following I was present for the events at the Culbertson tract in Tyendinaga, Caledonia in 2006, Wyman Railroad last year and Land Back Lane with an array of experience in between. 

I am a graduate of Trent University with a diploma in Kanyen'kehaka (Mohawk Language) and worked as a Mohawk language and Indigenous Studies teacher for over ten years, was a board member for Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna Language and Culture Circle in Tyendinaga with a hand in the opening of the first primary Mohawk immersion program, lent my voice to different educational language media projects in stage and film; I also played small roles on stage and film, and ran a small business in which I reached out to schools and delivered a cultural program before COVID19. I was also successful in arranging a trip for my high school students to Kanatsyohareke so they would have the opportunity to visit their homeland at least one. 

I have had the opportunity to open many groundbreaking ceremonies, awards ceremonies, the Mohawk Landing which is a yearly celebration of our arrival in Tyendinaga. Since Canada shut itself down in 2020, I have taken the role of Grassroots Journalist and have been presenting evidence of ongoing Canadian genocide, destruction of the environment, and blatant disregard for Indigenous rights. 


Nick LaMarsh

Settler Ally/Accomplice

Raised in a strict Christian upbringing with racially indifferent ideals I was your typical white guy, covertly racist and a patriotic voter who only cared about himself. I left the church when I was 15 and many of those ideals were engrained in me. I went to public schools, was a member of the Canadian Military Reserves for about 4 years and didn’t know anything about Indigenous history or culture – nor did I care.

I quickly learned after leaving the reserves that government and people in power are only in it for the money and themselves. Fast forward - I moved to Brantford in 2008 and was told by my in-laws and coworkers to be careful around the reserve and avoid Natives around town. I was afraid of Native people due to the lack of understanding. Over 3 years I realized my systemic racist ideals and changed my reckless, disrespectful lifestyle. I became familiar with my own ancestral heritage and I was able to heal and correct my wrong doings in life. Now, following The Great Law, The Great Peace, honoring the Two Row Wampum and The Dish With One Spoon treaties I have chosen to actively stand and support Indigenous peoples.

My intention is to spread the message and tell the truth to other settlers that there must be honour, friendship, respect and integrity towards Indigenous peoples under the age-old treaty agreements and for them to realize the wrong doings and oppressive tactics used against Indigenous people by their government.

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