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Chronic Critic

Weed news, strain reviews, and weekly guests that are taking toke shows to a higher level


The Chronic Critic

Taking Toke Shows to a Higher Level, Fridays at 4:00pmET

Each week The Chronic Critic will have some laughs reviewing headlines from cannabis country and a different strain of cannabis every week. 

Weekly guests will bring views from all over the world on how to remove the taboo of cannabis use, and give insight on ways to continue to fight for legalisation.

Watch here, on our homepage, or at Credible Mohawk Entertainment on YouTube; Listen on all podcast platforms

Episode One

The C-Word Can Save The World

The Chronic Critic takes a look at which strains you could smoke if you want to become an Olympic athlete, and the benefits of hemp to the environment. Our guest this week is David Malmo-Levine, a 30 year cannabis activist and contributer to Pot.TV and Cannabis Culture Magazine

Friday July 16, 2021: 4:00pmET


Episode TWO

A Presidential roast from the Windy City with podcast producer Cynthia Leonard, after the weed news and strain reviews we rag on Biden's cannabis policy and talk a bit about the series Solar Opposites.

The IG tag for the winner of the Choice Edibles giveaway is @josiahmirasty

Episode Three

Beating the Death Sentence

Host Andrew Brant sits with Trev "Elder" Jones to talk about the healing benefits of RSO oil and cannabis as a whole. It can literally save your life and change the world. There's a big free event at Healing House Medicinals on August 7 in Alderville, listen in for the details. Elder will also be at the Indigenous Cannabis Cup!


Episode FOUR

Changing the Game

This week's guest Ras Cottreezy talks the benefits of CBD and cannabis as a whole for physical and mental health. In Getting Critical we take a look at the different forms of CBD, the effects and where you can get them. Follow on Instagram @CronicCriticCME and @TheCredibleMohawk, Follow on Twitter @CredibleMohawk Follow our sponsors on Instagram @Choice.Edibles @ElixirExtracts and @FoolsGoldChocolate

Episode FIVE

Veg Out with Farmer Nick

CME Settler Ally Corespondent Nick LaMarsh joins host Andrew Brant for a session after recording Red Truth & White Lies: A Podcast of Two Canadas and talk a little about what's been happening around CME. Stay tuned for the story of when he first smoked, and when Andrew and his friends hotboxed a car and had a guy thinking he was swimming. All this plus weed news, and strain reviews. Follow on Instagram @ChronicCriticCME @AndrewBrant87 and @TheCredibleMohawk Follow our sponsors @Choice.Edibles @ElixirExtracts and @FoolsGoldChocolate on Instagram Follow Andrew and Nick on Twitter @AndrewBrant87 and @NickLaMarsh

Free Range Chicken Farm

Episode SIX

The Legacy of Dispensaries

Take a virtual tour of Legacy 420 in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. The first and one of the largest on the territory, with top quality products made in house. With labs for quality control a well educated staff, Legacy 420 is one of the leaders in the Cannabis Industry in Tyendinaga. If you happen to be closer to the Six Nations of the Grand River area you'll want to stop into Tribe Cannabis. Keep following because I'll be heading there for an episode soon! Follow The Chronic Critic on Twitter @ChronicCritic and Instagram @ChronicCriticCME, Follow Jordan on Twitter @TheTokenMohawk and Andrew on both platforms @AndrewBrant87

Episode Seven

Indigenous Cannabis Cup Recap

Andrew gets into some of the items from the fourth annual Indigenous Cannabis Cup in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory,, including Moon-rockets and edibles; he tests out a deadly blueberry cheesecake with a Choice Edibles fruit punch infused with THC to wash it down. Watch Ras Cottreezy and Will E Skandalz perform, among others, followed by a mushroom trip recap with Nick LaMarsh. Last week's episode was a livestream of the Indigenous Cannabis Cup, in this segment are two clips of many. Check out Credible Mohawk Entertainment on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more great clips! The Chronic Critic is a Credible Mohawk Entertainment Production brought to you by: Choice Edibles: Follow on Instagram @Choice_Edibles Elixir Extracts: Follow on Instagram @ElixirExtracts High'er Quality: Follow on Instagram @High_Er_Quality Fools Gold Chocolate: Follow on Instagram @FoolsGoldChocolate Legacy 420 346 York Road, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Follow on Instagram and Twitter: @Legacy_420store Tribe Cannabis 2023 Chiefswood Road, Ohsweken, Six Nations Territory Follow on Instagram @Tribe._Cannabis Support Indigenous Media, Cultural Education and Language programs by purchasing from the CME Shop

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Episode eight

The UnNamed Episode

take a look at how the legendary 710 Burger and The General are made. Listen to how Craig started the truck and a little on how he gives back to the community. Stop in and say hi from the CME Team and get yourself a great meal. Before we head over there we have a session in the studio and talk a little about the winners of the Indigenous Cannabis Cup, the pet products at Legacy 420, and the different products that Tribe. Cannabis has to offer. Follow our sponsors on Instagram @Choice_Edibles @ElixirExtracts @Tribe._Cannabis @Legacy_420store @FoolsGoldChocolate Follow @AndrewBrant87 @ChronicCriticCME and @TheCredibleMohawk on IG and @CredibleMohawk and @AndrewBrant87 on Twitter. Head to our shop and get yourself some merch 

FOllow: @TheUnnamedFoodTruck and @The710Burger on Instagram

Episode nine

Highku Productions Presents Tea Fannie

Join in for a session with recording artist Tea Fannie and her music video 24K Gold Blunt with Miss Benzo right after a stoner snack from Legacy 420. An infused RedE Cream Soda, raspberry cream cheese brownie (both infused of course), and Rockstars premium Indica. Visit Legacy 420 at 346 York Road, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Tribe. Cannabis at 2023 Chiefswood Road, Ohsweken, Six Nations Territory and get some premium products and merch to rep the best spots to visit Mary Jane. Post a pic with your merch on IG and tag @TheCredibleMohawk @ChronicCriticCME with the hashtag #ChronicCriticCME and we'll send you a little something from our other sponsors at Choice Edibles, Fools Gold Chocolate, or Elixir Extracts! Follow @AndrewBrant87 @ChronicCriticCME and @TheCredibleMohawk Subscribe to King's Kourt and tune in Live every Thursday at 9:00pmET with Kings Ras Cottreezy, Trev "Elder" J, and myself Drew B. Follow CME sponsors on Instagram @Tribe._Cannabis on Instagram for a chance to win $500.00 Cash; also follow @Legacy420store @Choice_Edibles @ElixirExtracts and @FoolsGoldChocolate. Purchase a Chronic Critic apothecary water bottle and get a High'er Quality or Choice Edibles drink mix free! Follow @High_er_Quality on Instagram as well


Episode ten

Live at Legacy 420

The stoner snack and a short cannabis tour of Tyendinaga 

Episode Eleven

Smokes n Jokes

With a final stoner snack from Legacy 420, we have some highlights of the Smokes n Jokes Comedy show Hosted by Trev Jones, featuring Bradley Green, Scott Walker, Jeff Faulkner, and Marc Trinidad.


Episode twelve

Shoppe Fear

This week we take a look at high CBD strains and take a look at the attacks on Indigenous Cannabis in so-called BC.

Episode Thirteen

The Old Man Emerges

The Old Man from HQ joins us this week to tell us about how their products really are Higher Quality. We have a treat in the show from King Ras Cottreezy, and a review from Farmer Nick with some flower from Tribe. Cannabis and Kultured.

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