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Cooking in Nature


Onkwehonwe Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking

Teyethinonhweratons ne Tyonhehkwen

we give our greetings and thanks to that which sustains us (corn, beans, squash, heirloom potatoes)

The infusion of THC and CBD are on the rise in everything from snack and treats to gourmet meals, and eating a cannabis-infused dinner is an evolving process.

Decolonize your entertainment, and your next meal with a traditional Onkwehonwe diet, and some other great dishes prepared outdoors using traditional and modern techniques.

Watch here on our page, or on YouTube at Mohawk Bud Talk every Wednesday at 5:00pmET following Mohawk Bud Talk

Premeire Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @5:00pmET

Outdoor Cooking
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